Show results 2012

Timberland Fairy Glamour Girl.

SWWSPS SHOW 29/7/12.

Timberland Fairy Glamour Girl did us very proud indeed winning the miniature foal class, best foal. Judged by Mr T Jones. She then won 1st in the miniature coloured foal class, best foal and delighted us by winning a reserve junior championship. Judge Mrs A Jones. Fairy then went on to win the Reserve Supreme Champion Foal to a standard foal. Very proud of this baby girl.

G S FOAL CHAMP    Fairys winning rosettes

Pontardulais Show 27/8/12.

Fairy 2nd place in the open shetland foal class.

NPS Area 28 Show 29/7/12.

Fairy Glamour Girl 1st in the miniature foal class.

National show of Wales 1/7/12.

Fairy 2nd in the miniature foal class, best bred in Wales.  

Cranford Emily's results

Pontardulais show 27/8/12.                                         

Emily 1st place in the open shetland class.

Emily 3rd place in the miniature 4 yrs old and over.

SWWSPG Show 29/7/12.

Cranford Emily won 2nd in the miniature mare class, also a 2nd in the Black ponies.

NPS Area 28 Show 29/7/12.

Emily 2nd miniature mare class.                                

National show of Wales 1/7/12.

Emily 2nd miniature mare class. 

Cranford Emily rosette

Timberland Bindi's results

Pontardulais Show  27/8/12.

Bindi 2nd place in the open shetland class.

Bindi 2nd place in the best 4 yrs old and over.

SWWSPG Show 29/7/12.

Bindi 4th place in a very good miniature shetland Barren mare and Gelding class. She also had a 4th in a large coloured class and Danielle won 1st in the young handlers with her.

National show of Wales 1/7/12.

Bindi 6th in a large Barren mare and gelding class.

Bindi july 1st 

Some super results from Flowers and Fantasia's new owners Mrs C & Miss S Salters.

Timberland Flower Blackberry Girl's results.

NCPA Shropshire winter show 21/10/12.

Flower 1st in the miniature foal class, also Reserve Supreme Champion Foal.

gAYE AND FLOWER ncpa show

Timberland Fantasia's results

NCPA Shropshire winter show 21/10/12.

Fantasia 2nd in the miniature foal class.

SWWSPG Show 7/10/12.

Fantasia 3rd in the filly foal class.

Fantasia show swwspg show


We are proud to announce some show results from Emily and Extra Factor's new owner. Mrs C Salters have been attending shows all over the country, below are some show results, we would like to wish her all the very best for the rest of the showing season.

So proud of Emily winning the league tables in 2012, the miniature yearling class. Pictured below her owner's Charlotte's very stunning candle holder!

Emily trophy 

EmilyRoyalWelsh2012           Emilys rosettes

Emily pictured above at the Royal Welsh with Sabrina Salters where she received 3rd in a very large class.

Timberland Emily's results

NCPA Shropshire winter show 21/10/12.

Emily 1st in the miniature yearling class, miniature championship. Also the NCPA Shropshire members reserve championship. What a way to end the showing season, well done Charlotte and Emily x

SWWSPG SHOW 7/10/12.

Emily 2nd yearling class.

1st in 1, 2 & 3 yr olds any age and height to make a ride or drive.

NSSA Show on 23/9/12.

Emily 1st in the miniature yearling class, also Reserve Junior Champion.

Breed show Bakewell 9/9/12.

Emily 2 nd in the yearling filly class.

Wessex Summer Show 19/8/12.

Emily 3rd yearling filly class, 4th in the solid coloured class. Gems rosette.

Bewdley show 11/8/12.

2nd in the M & M small breeds youngstock 1, 2 & 3 yrs old class.

Emily 1st in Shetland youngstock 1,2 & 3 yrs old class

Four Counties shetland group show 11/8/12

Emily 2nd miniature yearling class.

Gower Show 5/8/12.

Emily 2nd in the open yearling colt, filly and gelding class.

Emily 2nd in the miniature yearling 2 and 3 year old class.

NPS Summer Championships. 2/8/12.

Emily 2nd yearling shetland class.

SWWSPG Show 29th July.

Emily 2nd in the Miniature yearling class.

1st in the yearling coloured class, Junior coloured champion. Overall  coloured champion also junior supreme champion.

NPS Area 28 Show 29/7/12.

Emily 1st place and the miniature champion.

Royal Welsh Show 23rd July.

Emily won 3rd place in a very large yearling class. Gems Rosette.

NCPA Show 24th June.

Emily 1st yearling shetland class.

Best yearling in M&M class. Reserve Overall Yearling Champion.

Shropshire Show 19th May.

Emily 1st & Res junior champion.

NPS Show Bromyard 13th May 2012.

Emily 1st yearling class. Best miniature. Reserve Junior Championship. 

Southern group show 15th April 2012.

Emily 3rd place in the yearling class.

Wessex group show 25th March 2012.

Emily 1st in the yearling filly class, also 3rd in the solid colour class.

NCPA Shropshire Winter Show October 2011.

Emily 1st in a large miniature foal class.

Extra Factor May 2012

Timberland Extra Factor pictured above with Sabrina Salters.

NPS Bromyard 13th May

Factor 6th in a very large open coloued young stock class. Best yearling. 

Factor 2nd yearling colt class.

Wessex group show 25th March.

Factor 2nd in the yearling class.


Received some news from Jackie James who purchased a couple of filly foals from us in 2010. First time out in the show ring Jackie was very pleased with the results, good luck Jackie in future shows with the girls.

Pembrokeshire County Show 14th August 2012.

Jackie took the two fillies Dash of Class and Destiny Princess to the above show, Princess received a 4th place. Dash of Class received a 1st place in the 2/3 years old class, Junior Champion and Miniature Champion.


Dash of Class pictured above.

Destiny Princess pembrokeshire show 2012

Destiny Princess pictured above.

Received some exciting news from a lady Heather Hawkins who purchased Timberland Bronco from us as a foal. So far she has received these results with Bronco.

Lydford Station Stables 28th & 29th August 2011.

Bronco received in various classes 3 x 1sts, 5 x 2nds, 2 x 3rds. A reserve championship and a reserve supreme championship. Good luck Heather in future shows, it's lovely to see their new owners having so much fun with our ponies. Thank you to Lydford Stables for kindly letting me have the photo's from the show.


Crealy Show 2012.

Bronco 3rd place.


Bronco pictured above with his owner Heather Hawkins. He is available for sale, if you may be interested please contact Heather on 01884 821261.