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We have the following ponies for sale, they are entered at Hereford shetland pony sale on the 24th September.

Doonpark Doreen Reg no   AU1938/M16 

Sire:Buxted Sylvesta Black

Dam:Shelkirk Fairy Skewbald

Doreen is a well put together mare, I'm told she did well showing as a foal. Excellent mother, easy foaler. She wasn't put in foal for 2018. Her previous two foals were black and Blue roan and white, both fillies. She has been covered for a 2019 foal. Doreen has been running since may with our lovely cream dun stallion Cranford Pastime for a 2019 foal. 


Parlington Quality Street Reg no MO7-265 

Sire: Parlington Lanelot Bay

Dam: Parlington Humbug Grey

Quality is a stunning bay bay mare, nice stamp of pony. She has always bred good quality foals for us, all fillies to which most we have retained. Has not ran with a stallion for 2019. 


Chapelton Sweet Pea Reg no AU1737/M17 

Sire: Highouse Bounce Piebald

Dam: Bestonholm Kara. Piebald

Sweet Pea is a gorgeous mare, she had her first foal last year, a stunning cream dun and white filly. Excellent mum, easy foaler, easy to do. Has not ran with a stallion for 2019 foal.  


Merrylees Chantilly Lace. Reg no AU1855/M15

Sire Merrylees Ring Master

Dam: Strathlene Kit- Kat

Lace is a lovely mare, had bred to foals two date which are here at stud. She has a lovely temperament, easy foaler, excellent mother. She has ran with our old boy Kerswell Titan for a 2019 foal.


Timberland Bonita Skewbald mare Reg no AU1570/M12

Sire: Geldron Queedie

Dam: Stranduff Northern Light

Bonita is the sweetest of mares, excellent mum. She has run with our old boy Kerswell Titan for a 2019 foal. She is only offered for sale as i have retained her daughter Gabrielle at stud.


Timberland Bindi Skewbald mare Reg no - AU1573/M15

Sire: Blazefield Punch

Dam: Longcot Pansy

Bindi is a very sweet mare, easy to do in all ways. She has bred us foals when she has been put to a stallion, so there is no reason why she wouldn't have more foals in the future. Easy foaler and an excellent mum. Been shown lightly with success.

Bindi may

Timberland Essence Bay dun mare Reg no - AY1186/M17

Sire: Darwin Hugo

Dam: Hermitts Bellinda

Essence is a small 29" mare, she had her first foal last year. Has not been covered for a 2019 foal. Easy foaler, excellent mum. She is well put together and has a good temperament.


Laugherne Tinkerbell Skewbald mare Reg no MO7-282

Sire: Laugherne Lucky

Dam: Khinjan Delph

Tinkerbell is a well built mare, retired from breeding. I have retained the last filly for a future broodmare, will make a lovely comapnion pony.

Laugherne Tinkerbell 1

Timberland Kenzie Skewbald yearling colt

Sire: Athelney Masterpiece 29.5"

Dam: Timberland Golden Shimmer 29"

Kenzie is a small well put together yearling colt, the most wonderful pedigree. A rare oppertunity to purchase a pony of such good bloodlines at this sale. He is mostly Kerswell bred.  Kenzie will make a lovely show pony, companion or future stallion, he was originally sold as a foal, but due the the ladys ill health the sale fell through. 


Sawmill Kenzo Cream dun yearling colt. 

Sire: Cranfoed Pastime

Dam Cranford Emily.

Kenzo is a stunning colt, half sister to our yearling filly Timberland Klass who won the yearling class at the Royal Welsh. I'm told his dam won the mare class at the 2007 breed show, so i think by his movement he would make a lovely show pony/fure stallion.

A Kenzo 0

Abrilla Bliss Piebald mare Reg no AR2322/MO9

Sire: Rob of Martinmere

Dam: Tawna Bon- Bon

Bliss is a stunning little mare, she has the most sweetest of nature.She has only bred us nothing but top quality foals. She has been shown lightly with success. Bliss did have an injury to her right eye, resulting in her losing most of her sight in that eye. She had a thorn in her eye, the vet couldn't do anything. However this does not affect with her life, she happily lives out or in with the herd, always the first to come at the fileds. Picture of Bliss below with Timberland Chiquitita 

Bliss Yvette Chiquitita 5 7 09

Timberland Kodie Cream dun and white colt Reg No BEO868

Sire: Cranford Pastime

Dam: Timberland Bonita

Kodie is a small yearling colt, i think he will make a lovely childs pony with a bit of work, he has a cheeky nature. Never a dull moment when out the with boys, he will soon put a smail on your face. He would also make a nice companion pony for someone.